Thursday, 17 September 2015

Julbo Trail - running sunglasses - REVIEW

A pain for many runners on the trails is bugs flying into your eyes (I've had this end painfully before), and also glare from the sun if out on a long run. Luckily the folks at Julbo make running sunglasses and cater for the trails specifically too.

out the Box

The Julbo Trails come in a good quality case nice and robust with a good zip fastening, once out the case they have a great look to them and surprising sturdy arms and hinges when you think they only weigh 28gr.

The fit is very comfortable, and I appreciate this as its not to loose for running but the tension on the arms is not too tight to be uncomfortable either. I've worn these on a few short walk and runs with no problems (forget you have them on), and also on a long day out in the sun and some long dog walks again no problems from lengthy periods of wear.

The Zebra lenses do a great job of transition so no need to take off due to changing light conditions, and I found the lenses fully covered my vision range no problem.

Great glasses I cannot wait to get them out and tested and used on a longer running event (an Ultra soon as leg recovers and my fitness does too)

you can visit the folks at Julbo at here LINK

personally I can find no fault with these glasses, so 5/5 *'s from me :)

Thanks to Julbo and thanks for reading

Gareth (TheTryAth)