Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Platypus SoftBottle (0.5 Litre) Review

 I recently received a Platypus SoftBottle and this is how I've got on with it :)

First impressions

The Platypus SoftBottle, is reusable Bladder/Bottle Hybrid design so you get the easier access to fill and access to water but the benefit of a bladder means it can be rolled up for storage in a pack or pocket after use or to carry as water container on the go when you need it. The SoftBottle I have is  0.5 Litre but its does come in a larger 1. Litre unit. There are options for a drink tube etc available as separate products.

Field Test

I decided to test this out first on a run, its easy to fill as once you take the drink cap off the opening is a reasonable size, once it is filled the bottle is very comfortable to carry as due to design moulds to your hand, also sat well in a pocket for same reason more comfortable than a standard bottle I found. The Bottle push pull cap is easy enough to drink from and thanks to the soft body you get the liquid very easy with a quick squeeze. Once the SoftBottle is empty I found it easy to roll up and stick in my pocket, one tip for this is carry an elastic band to keep it rolled tighter.


Great little bottle for Runners or those who want carry water without having to use a large Sports type noticeable Bottle. the option to roll up after or before use for storage is a winner.

Thanks for reading
Gareth (TheTryAth)

Full Product Info available at :Platypus