Sunday, 1 March 2015

Anglesey Half Marathon 2015 - Event Review

Well I'll be honest was not really looking forward to today's event, been ill most of the week and still felt bit rough today....but glad I went! I finished in 1:45:04 and knocked nearly 3 and a half mins of my last half marathon time :)
The Anglesey Half Marathon was a great event it sold out so was busy about 1500 runners on the day and it is really scenic even though today was chilly and windy but at least stayed dry.

The route started out by crossing the Menai bridge while this was a scenic start it was a bit of a pain mainly due to people not lining up to their correct estimated finish time(but this always happens) but the bridge was bit narrow so plenty of dodging and weaving, then ran through the town this was a bit twisty and turny but chance to get some early support which is always welcome, then it was onto the roads and hills.
The course is listed as undulating but it was very hilly in part with some long and steep hills for me struggle up...but all good fun,then a run along the coast and another town then hills followed by a loop then return along same route but stopping before the bridge.

I liked the route it had variation and the finish was great plenty of drinks sweets and fruit for the runners.

all runners received a medal,t shirt and a few other goodies which was nice.

have some pics to follow :)