Friday, 2 January 2015

Garmin Vivofit Review. IMPORTANT UPDATE -Strap does not fasten securely

This about the +Garmin  Vivofit from +Maplin Electronics Ltd   , so here are my thoughts on it so far...straight from the box its straightforward you have to straps in varying size, Vivofit unit and a small transponder which fits in the USB on you laptop for syncing.

Be aware the strap design is terrible they do NOT fasten securely I tried a few genuine Garmin straps and none worked securely, the device was eventually lost. so be aware the strap means you'll end up losing this device easily.

Set up is as follows

  • pop in transponder in usb

  • download Garmin express software.
  • press and hold button on Vivofit and it pairs.enter some details about yourself and job done!

the Vivofit shows the following displays you click through just using the one button.

  • Time
  • Date
  • Steps completed that day
  • steps Goal
  • Distance in Miles
  • Calories burned.

ok now to what I think this is a great piece of daily fitness tech, its not a GPS watch so if your looking for a watch for accurate time/distance with your routes or route guidance this is not the watch. However its not trying to be its aim it to motivate you to move to get active and keep it interesting.
 the benefits of it are your not having to charge it daily(battery should last a year),
you can can wear it daily for all activities and its small and light enough could be worn along side other GPS tech if needed,. The display and controls are straightforward and easy to understand and use. the watch gives reminders if you need to get moving if behind on your daily target, now speaking of targets another thing I like is that when setting up on your pc you enter your personal details and the the dashboard you see on the pc is very clear and fun too below is a screen shot.

The Vivofit review will be updated again when I've used it longer.
The Vivofit is available from Maplin for £99.99 Link 

Overall rating 1*/5* great product for those wishing to get fit or even those who already train and want a daily record of their general level of activity if seeking to manage calories.however totall let down by strap design it does not work securely I relaced the strap and the garmin straps are all the same and eventually this device was lost as it could never be fastened securely.