Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ASICS GT-2000 V2 RUNNING SHOES - Gear Review

My new best friends for the next 6 weeks my +ASICS Europe  GT-2000 V2 funky yellow trainers...going with the be seen be safe thought with these, also no danger of losing them :) chose support trainers as I am a chunkier pretty flat footed runner and have had a lot of injuries over the years

Have been using these for over 2 weeks now both on the road and on running machine, the shoes are light enough considering they are support shoes.
The support provided has been good so far and I have very poor/flat arches but the motion of the shoe when when running is very comfortable.
I've also used these a little of road on local country paths and even in poor weather they seem to get pretty good grip.
ok the color...yes bright yellow is not for everyone but for me running shoes are for running/training only, and the brighter the better as be seen be safe when running.
I paid just under £65 for these and would consider using another pair if they last ok..

so if your looking for a good all rounder and you need plenty of support in your shoe you cannot go far wrong with these I have found so far,will update after further wear.
Upate sole of the shoes lasted pretty well the build of the upper has not been great,mesh worn through very quick and the rear padding became 'lumpy' all in all ok if you can pick them up for a low price but do not expect them to last too long!